One of the most common reasons athletes get into their own head is The Results Trap.

Here are the three main symptoms that indicate you have fallen into this trap:

  1. Performance vs Fun
    When you were younger sport used to be all about fun, but now you feel it is all about your performance, and the fun you once had playing the sport you love is starting to slip. Which only causes your performance to slip!
  2. Results vs Process
    You know that you need to focus on the process to achieve the results, but you struggle to do so. If you are checking your stats, looking at standings/rankings, and/or constantly thinking about the results – then you have fallen into the trap!
  3. Noise vs Calm
    You struggle to block out the noise in your head. You can’t seem to stop worrying about what others think like coaches, scouts, teammates, or parents. You also hold onto mistakes which prevents you from getting a calm mind. All this noise causes you to underperform which creates even more noise!

The bottom line is that you are in your own head, your body is too tense, and therefore, you are underperforming (i.e., you are not getting the most out of your car).

The good news is there is a way out of The Results Trap!

Take Patrick Del Vecchio for example.

“Before I was focused on points, in my own head, and playing inconsistently. Now I am stronger mentally and I stay focused on the process. As a result, my points per game really improved.”

Patrick is a textbook example of someone who had fallen into The Results Trap, but once he started working on his mental game he was able to get out of his own head and start performing at his potential.

His massive improvement in numbers says it all:

If you have fallen into The Results Trap and are not getting the most out of your car, then you will really benefit from our programs – just like Patrick!