Break Free from the Weight of Results, Play with Confidence, and Perform When It Matters Most

This book provides readers a concise and practical way to think differently about the mental game. It is the accumulation of Dr. Cassidy Preston’s personal, academic, and professional experience over the past 20+ years of his life. You will learn the repeatable and reliable strategies that have helped over 10,000 clients get out of their head and achieve Consistent Elite Performance.

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Fed up with fluffy and cookie-cutter mental game advice? You’re not alone. This is your guide to discover a reliable and repeatable way to dominate the mental game. All facts, no fluff.

The quest for excellence can be daunting, leaving athletes and high-performers alike grappling with performance anxiety, overthinking, and confidence issues.

Forget the cliché advice like “just be positive” or “don’t worry about it.” What you need are actionable strategies to train your mind just like the ones professional athletes use. In this book, Dr. Cassidy Preston pulls back the curtain on how he coaches professional athletes to think differently about success and failure.


  • Proven principles and strategies to get in the zone
  • Why the world’s top athletes prioritize mindset over results
  • How to cure overthinking, bounce back from mistakes, and develop unshakeable confidence
  • Real-life examples of hockey players who’ve trained their mind and achieved Consistent Elite Performance

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Dr. Preston personally weathered the mental challenges of 5 years of junior hockey and 5 years of college hockey, plus a cup of coffee at the professional level. His struggles fueled a quest for a better way, leading to over 12 years of academic study and founding CEP Mindset — one of the largest Mental Performance Coaching firms in the world.

This book is the culmination of Dr. Preston’s journey—a blend of personal trials, academic insights, and professional expertise spanning over two decades. The strategies within have helped thousands of athletes break free from mental barriers, play with confidence, and achieve Consistent Elite Performance.

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When athletes do the work, this system delivers reliable and repeatable results time and time again.

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