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CEP Programs will help your team:

  • Overcome Self-Doubt, Fear of Failure, & Overthinking

  • Stop Worrying About What Other People Think & Play with Confidence

  • Channel their Nerves, Block Out Distractions & Focus on What they Can Control

  • Bounce Back from Mistakes & Be Relentless In Your Pursuit of Peak Performance

  • Communicate Effectively, Develop Leaders, & Create a Championship Culture

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The CEP System

At CEP, our purpose is to help your team achieve Consistent Elite Performance.

In order to do that, you need to go Beyond the X’s & O’s so your team can develop the right mindset & a winning culture.

The problem is, like most teams, your athletes struggle with their confidence, resilience and leadership skills.

This can be frustrating & discouraging because you want to develop your players’ mindsets, but it requires filtering through endless online resources filled with clichés & ‘fluffy’ motivational jargon.

When a coach tries to take on this daunting task without an effective system, they end up struggling – like they are ‘putting bandaids on bullet holes’.

That is why the CEP Mindset & Leadership System has 3 simple steps that have helped hundreds of teams develop the right mindset & a winning culture.

When you join our programs, your team will stop struggling with their mindset and start achieving Consistent Elite Performance.

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The CEP Assessments

Since working on your mindset & culture is not so tangible, the first step in the CEP System is to have your team complete the three CEP Assessments.

Each assessment helps breakdown what your team needs to develop the right mindset & a winning culture.

The results not only helps us determine what to prioritize in your program, but also ensures we keep your team accountable to making progress.

Now that you can see what you will be working on, let us show you HOW you will work on it – the CEP Team Modules.

The CEP Team Modules

1.1 Mindset Introduction
This 1 hour interactive session teaches athletes how they can play in the zone – process focused, composed, resilient, and confident. Each athlete completes the accompanying worksheet to determine their top mental game priorities.

1.2 Alter Ego
This strategy is at the core of the 4 fundamental strategies. It helps athletes define & contrast their best mindset that is in the Zone from their worst mindset – being in their own head.

1.3 Reset Routine
One of the most impactful strategies utilize during practices and games to clear their mind & activate their best self Alter Ego.

1.4 Self-Reflection
Mostly athletes beat themselves up and have an ineffective reflection process. To counter this limitation, this strategy is used after practices and games to improve self-awareness and ensure consistent growth.

1.5 Mental Preparation
The final of the 4 fundamental strategies helps athletes set clear intentions & ensure they show up as their best self. These later 3 strategies create a continuous Prepare-Play-Reflect Process that maximizes the athletes ability to show up as their best self.

BONUS: Parent’s Role in the Mental Game
For youth sport teams, we provide parents a short video & PDF summary on the 7 steps to support their child’s mental game. You can also book a 1 hour interactive workshop where we review these concepts & answer parents questions.

2.1 Lead without a Title
Athletes are introduced to the foundational principles of leadership – they learn leadership is less about title, ego, & their athletic skill level, and more about mindset, attitude, & and having a positive impact on others.

2.2 Communicate to Connect
Based on the DISC results, athletes own their own communication and behavioural styles as well as come to understand their teammates strengths, and ultimately learn the keys to effectively connect and build a cohesive team.

2.3 Prevent Communication Breakdowns
Athletes learn how to prevent, mitigate, and overcome the 7 most common communication barriers – it is difficult for athletes to find common ground with each other if they are only focused on themselves.

2.4 Crucial Conversations
Athletes are provided strategies to effectively handle conflict, have tough conversations, and hold each other accountable – they learn how to offer honest, clear, & respectful feedback to teammates at the right times.

2.5 Impact the Culture
This session is designed to shed light on how each individual athlete can utilize the tools in the toolbox to impact not only themselves, their teammates, but the team culture as a whole.

3.1 Foundation of Leadership
The most important person to lead first is yourself – ‘learn to be in control amidst the chaos.’ Before helping the team go beyond the X’s & O’s, the coaching staff must first invest in optimizing their own high-performance mindset.

3.2 Learn to ‘Fish’
Based on the team’s mindset assessment, the coaches learn specific concepts and strategies to improve their athletes’ mindsets. This is ensures we don’t just work on the athletes mindsets and provide the ‘fish’, but the coaching staff knows how to ‘fish’.

3.3 Athlete-Coach Feedback Loop
Together we build personalized reflection questions for each athlete to complete daily and that the coaches review weekly – this provides the coaches with a steady pulse of the team’s mindset and the ability to continuously improve the team culture.

3.4 Develop Leaders
Based on the DiSC report the coaches map out the unique strengths of each athlete to help empower more leadership within the team dynamic, & put each athlete in the best position to have success individually & collectively – ‘the right seat on the bus’.

3.5 Epitome of Leadership
It takes strength to be vulnerable, open to feedback, & to hold oneself to a higher standard – the anonymous coach leadership assessment enables the head coach to not only lead by example, but provides a powerful opportunity to grow as a leader.

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