When it comes to coaching, it’s important to think like a farmer.

Here are 5 Rules to remember for your upcoming season:

1. Provide the best possible conditions for growth.
Crops need nourishment. Not all crops need the same kind or amount, but they all need some. Be the person who creates and provides the conditions they need.

2. Don’t blame the crops for not growing fast enough.
Crops won’t all grow at the same speed. Growth isn’t linear. If you truly feel like you should be seeing faster growth, revisit Rule 1.

3. Yelling at the crops doesn’t help anyone.
Let’s step back from the analogy for a second and just be blunt. Your players know when they made a mistake. They may not change their body language or overtly show their frustration, but they know. Athletes are notoriously hard on themselves. Instead of yelling about what they did wrong, provide direction so they can do it right next time.

4. Remove the weeds.
Weeds take resources away from your crops. Crops cannot grow as efficiently and healthily if there are weeds in their way. It doesn’t matter if that weed is the most skilled weed on your team. For the sake of team culture, psychological safety, trust, and success, you either need to coach that weed into a crop or remove the weed.

5. Don’t uproot crops before they’ve had a chance to grow.
Growth takes time. If crops are in a new environment and growing under different conditions, there may be an adjustment period. Be patient, revisit Rule 1, and give each crop an opportunity to grow.

Rule 1 provides a foundation for, and is at the core of, Rules 2-5. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know how to provide ideal conditions that meet the varying needs of your crops. The coaches at CEP Mindset can help you figure that out.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you provide the best possible conditions for growth, schedule a free consult call with us.