So many athletes play too safe ⚠️, and, therefore, they are holding themselves back from reaching their potential ?

When you recognize the distinction between playing smart assertive and playing too safe – this can make a huge difference ?

Focus on ? and track ✍️ the type of plays you make – if you are making too many ‘safe’ plays, then make a goal to get down to zero ‘safe’ plays!

Remember, when you are playing smart assertive, you will still make mistakes (because you are human, not perfect, like the best players in the world). But don’t let these mistakes make you start playing too safe ⚠️ again. Use them as learning opportunities ✅, get back out there?, and keep playing smart assertive ?

Lastly, lots of people and coaches ? will still suggest you play ‘safe’ – what they mean is smart assertive. No one wants you to play TOO safe. Instead, they are just reminding you NOT to play recklessly!

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