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Welcome to the “Beyond the X’s and O’s” podcast, where we delve into the world of sports, focusing on mindset and leadership. In this episode, your hosts, Dr. Cassidy Preston and Chris DiPiero, welcome a special guest, Luca Gianinazzi, a 30-year-old head coach of a professional hockey team in Switzerland, Hockey Club Lugano, which competes in the Swiss National League.

Luca’s unique perspective on coaching and leadership is a fascinating look into the new era of coaching in the world of sports. He provides valuable insights and shares his experiences, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection, communication, and developing players not only as athletes but as individuals.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect in this insightful episode:

  • Embracing Self-Reflection: Luca discusses his journey into coaching, embracing the idea of self-reflection, and why it’s crucial to continually grow as a coach.
  • The Challenge of Leadership at a Young Age: As a 30-year-old head coach, Luca opens up about the challenges he faces, especially addressing concerns about his age with his players and superiors.
  • The Power of Communication: Luca highlights the significance of communication in coaching, focusing on building strong relationships with players and demonstrating genuine care and interest in their development, both on and off the ice.
  • Balancing the Short-Term and Long-Term Goals: Luca’s approach to coaching is rooted in developing a strong team culture and program for long-term success, even while aiming to win in the short term.
  • Delegating and Managing Energy: Luca shares his insights into learning to delegate responsibilities as a coach and manage his energy effectively.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the evolving world of coaching and leadership in sports. Luca’s wisdom and experience provide valuable lessons for coaches, athletes, and sports enthusiasts alike. Enjoy this deep dive into the mindset of a remarkable young coach as they go “Beyond the X’s and O’s.”

The Beyond the X’s & O’s Podcast is hosted by Dr. Cassidy Preston, a Mental Performance Coach & founder of CEP Mindset, & Chris De Piero, a High-Performance Coach that has spent the past 30+ years in the game of hockey within the NHL, Hockey Canada, OHL, and European pro hockey. Cassidy is one of Chris’ former players where they won OPJHL Championship together in 2006. This podcast was born from their shared passion for helping coaches and leaders to go Beyond the X’s & O’s and develop the ‘human’ skills of leadership. Outside of the podcast they work together at CEP Mindset where they coach elite athletes, coaches, teams, and high-performing executives to achieve Consistent Elite Performance.