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In this episode, they are joined by Ryan Lavarnway, a former MLB player with an incredible career including winning a World Series with the Boston Red Sox and representing Team Israel at the 2020 Olympics. Ryan shares his incredible journey getting to the big leagues – notably, where he was sent up and down from the big leagues 26 times.

Ryan’s mindset was shaped by the use of interrogative self-talk. Specifically he eloquently explains how four questions were the key to his success:

  • Why not me?
  • Why not more?
  • Why not us?
  • Why not now?

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and insights into the mental game of a professional athlete. Ryan Lavarnway’s engaging story and the valuable lessons shared make this episode a powerful exploration of mindset in sports.

For more information about Ryan & his Keynote Speech checkout his website at:

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The Beyond the X’s & O’s Podcast is hosted by Dr. Cassidy Preston, a Mental Performance Coach & founder of CEP Mindset, & Chris De Piero, a High-Performance Coach that has spent the past 30+ years in the game of hockey within the NHL, Hockey Canada, OHL, and European pro hockey. Cassidy is one of Chris’ former players where they won OPJHL Championship together in 2006. This podcast was born from their shared passion for helping coaches and leaders to go Beyond the X’s & O’s and develop the ‘human’ skills of leadership. Outside of the podcast they work together at CEP Mindset where they coach elite athletes, coaches, teams, and high-performing executives to achieve Consistent Elite Performance.