Noah Cavanaugh is a professional soccer player from Seattle, WA, who currently plays for Flower City Union in New York. Over the past year, he’s worked with Dr. Cassidy Preston to help give him a mental edge on and off the pitch as he continues to push up the ranks of pro soccer in the US.

In this interview Noah discusses how he has personalized his mental game to work for him. He touches on the challenges he has had to overcome as a professional soccer player – some of the key takeaways include:

  • The reciprocal nature of focusing on the process and staying centered
  • Developing a ‘me vs me’ mentality and the use of his personal scorecard

  • Taking a playful approach to the mental game and staying adaptable throughout a season

  • Staying even keel through the ups and downs by letting go of the fantasies and nightmares
  • Enjoying the game for the sake of itself and improving his mood after games regardless of his performance

Make sure to listen to the whole interview as there are a lot of other great takeaways and insights on how he has been able to win the mental game.

Along with his soccer career, he runs a YouTube channel where he shares his experience as a pro, tactical and technical tips, and boot reviews – check out those links here: