The outline of my first book is complete! -Learn about some of the great insights I’ve gained while starting the writing process below in the summary below.

The working title is – Play with Confidence: A New Way for Athletes to Mentally Prepare

The purpose of the book is to challenge the status quo on mental preparation and question the ‘accepted’ ways of thinking about confidence.  It will debunk the fluffy clichés, cookie-cutter strategies, and ‘old-school’ beliefs entrenched in the sport culture. If you dare to be different and embrace the new ways of thinking, then you will play with confidence, enjoy the journey, and achieve Consistent Elite Performance.

Let me know which chapter you are looking forward to the most: 

1) Challenge the Status Quo & Dare to Be Different

  • Break through the limiting beliefs entrenched in sports culture
  • Debunk the fluffy clichés and cookie-cutter strategies
  • To get results, you have to be willing to do the work

2) Stop Yo-Yo Confidence

  • Self identifying as having a confidence problem creates a self-perpetuating cycle
  • The word confidence is tainted & too associated with results
  • Focus on owning your capabilities and being your own best ally

3) Build Momentum & Snowball Confidence

  • Stop giving power to external factors like your teammates, coaches, or opponents 
  • True momentum comes from within – decide to be the spark plug 
  • Become a momentum builder in the face of adversity – aka harness grit and resilience

4) Self-Talk: Name It to Tame It

  • Learn to be aware, identify, & understand your inner thoughts and feelings 
  • Clear your mental blocks by confronting & embracing your limiting beliefs
  • Create a powerful focus by clarifying a clear set of priorities

5) Create a Confident Identity – aka an Alter Ego

  • Take control of your inner narrative and fully tap into your most confident self
  • Identify your key moments of impact and how you want to show up
  • Create a personalized persona that clicks and works for you

6) Blockout the Noise with a Reset Routine

  • Acceptance – Embrace the noise and play free
  • Breathing – Stay relaxed, centered, and in the moment
  • Commitment – Set a clear intention for the next play

7) Redefine Success & Develop Your Personal Scorecard

  • Protect your mind from making unhealthy comparisons or obsessing about results
  • Redefine success based on your values and the things within your control
  • Use your scorecard daily for an unshakeable sense of confidence

8) Game Day Mental Preparation Routines

  • Avoid mental burnout on game days by creating a personalized routine
  • Personalize your imagery script to set clear and powerful intentions
  • Plan to cope with stressors to stay in the moment and perform under pressure

9) Specific Problems & Solutions

  • Worrying about Scoring or Points – A counterintuitive approach that will help you play free and score more goals
  • Fear of Mistakes – Flip the risk and focus on optimizing your impact on the game
  • Overthinking with the Puck – Stop ‘thinking’ and start doing what you feel is best
  • Goals Against for Goalies – Create a healthy perspective with goals to stay centered, confident, and in the moment

10) Tweak & Refine for Long-Term Success

  • Embrace the never ending process of self-awareness, self-discovery, and growth 
  • Tweak the strategies and find what works for you
  • Become a leader & optimize your influence on others.
  • Keep challenging the cultural norms and “accepted” ways of thinking
  • The 5 Milestones of the mental game

What’s funny is that writing a book about high-performance takes being a high-performer – so I’ve had to personally apply the principles in the book as I’ve undertaken this new challenge. Watch this short video on the insights I’ve gained while starting the writing process. 

One main adjustment for me has been that this is not a week-long project – just like being an elite athlete – writing a book is more like a marathon than a sprint. 

The balance of patience and dedication has been important to overcome the moments of struggle when I question if I will ever get it done. I’ve also had to battle my own demons about “will this book be any good?”, but trying to predict how many people will read it and find it helpful is not my job.

My intent is to have a lot of people read it and for it to have a significant impact – as such, I’ll be diligent and strategic in how I write. I will also surround myself with allies to help optimize the book and the subsequent distribution process.

Whether I sell 100 or a million copies is not the point. That is a result and my job is to focus on what I can control. If I put my heart into it and give my best effort (which I will) whatever the result will be – I can live with it. It’s just a result and form of feedback. 

What matters most is doing something I believe is meaningful. And because this book is meaningful to me that is the WHY I am putting my heart into it and giving my best effort.

Likewise, elite athletes need to stop worrying about results and predicting the outcomes.

The paradox of it all is that athletes optimize their results when they focus on what they can control and stay connected to their intrinsic WHY – which is often some form of the love of the game that gives them meaning!

That’s all for now – again I’d love to hear what chapter you are looking forward to the most.