We know how frustrating it’s being in yet another lockdown in Ontario & having to take a step back from the sports we love. However, we also know this doesn’t mean your progress should stop.

For those of you that are in another lockdown – this is a mental challenge and it can make you mentally stronger, as long as you lean into it and make the most out of it. In fact, the mantra we adopted since lockdowns have begun is Obstacles Make Us Stronger!

To help you lean in and to ensure obstacles make you stronger we made a new CEP Mindset Talk video – here are some key takeaways:

1. Be the Bonfire: A candle is blown out by the wind, but a bonfire requires wind to grow. In this analogy the wind represents challenges and obstacles and the choice you have is whether you are a candle that gets blown out by the wind or you grow to be the bonfire that uses the wind as fuel.

2. Adapt to the Situation: The extra free time from lockdowns gives you the opportunity to spend more time and energy on your mental game. It’s not about being positive, it’s about neutral thinking and creating structure in your days.

3. Take Action: Mental inputs lead to performance outputs. What are you spending your time watching, listening, and reading? What will you get from it?
Three fundamental actions: Meditation, Imagery and Reflection.