If you want to pave your own path then you need incredible levels of certainty and trust in yourself.

Mathew Maione’s story is my (Dr. Cassidy Preston) favourite example of this.

The highlights of his story include:

  • Started out as an undersized offensive defence
  • Played on one of top minor hockey teams
  • 12th round OHL draft pick
  • Made the jump from U18 hockey to 3 years in the OHL
  • 4 Years at U of PEI where he finished his undergraduate degree
  • Navigated the professional leagues overseas to end up in the KHL
  • Making the KHL All-Star Game
  • Winning the Spengler Cup
  • Currently on 9th Year of Professional Hockey and Still Counting

Most people think of Sydney Crosby or Connor McDavid when you think of the path to professional hockey, but they are the exception, not the norm.

I believe Maione’s story is one of the best examples of what it takes to pave your own path towards a successful professional hockey career.

Enjoy the podcast.