Any draft day can be emotional!

If you’re an athlete (or parent/coach of one) who is entering a draft – then you’re going to want to read below and watch the video.

Be sure to use a “Critical Lens” when thinking about the draft. It is not a make or break moment in your career like you might think! The draft might be important, but the results (positive or negative) DO NOT predict the trajectory of your career. It’s just a day, it’s just a result, it does not determine your future. For example, only 60% of OHL first round picks even get drafted into the NHL.

It is important to OWN your story, regardless of what happens. If you get picked that’s great, but that does not mean the work is over, it’s only just the beginning. Do not get complacent and stop putting in the necessary effort. If you don’t get picked, use it to your advantage. Look at the aspects of your game that you can adjust and use the result of the draft as motivation to improve! Be the hero of your story and take initiative in writing the next page of your life by staying grounded, centered, and true to yourself.

Remember to stay connected to your love of the game. As you rise the ranks and hockey becomes more serious, it is so easy to lose sight of why you started playing in the first place. When you were younger you didn’t start playing to get drafted, make lots of money, and become famous. You started playing to have FUN! The more you block out extrinsic motivators, and start focusing on things such as your love of the game, embracing and enjoying challenges, and having fun – the better you will perform.

Yes the draft might be important, but it is not everything. Do not let it skew your perception of who you are as an athlete or person!